What is Reverse Power Relay?

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A reverse power relay is a protective transmitter that protects the turbine or motor from damage upon a reverse power condition. A generator can work as a synchronous compensator if the driving torque is less than the total losses in the system, taking necessary power from the network. For instance, reducing the steam flow in … Read more

What are Bus Plugs and How Do You Use Them?

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Bus plugs are electrical devices that are used to distribute electrical power typically used in commercial and industrial applications where load locations are likely to change. They usually come in a compact design where flat copper conductor plates are enclosed in a metal casing, called a bus plug. They are installed in a large industrial … Read more

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance on Bus Ducts

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Basic frameworks like transport pipes that transmit power at mechanical structures go ignored. The purpose of this is because individuals are under an inappropriate idea that since transport channel frameworks do not comprise of moving inward parts, they need not bother with normal upkeep or administration. After some time, carbon and other outside parts can … Read more

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Cable Bus System

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A good cable bus system uses parallel conductors that have been braced in a rigid enclosure to distribute very high current and voltage between the power source and load center. The installation phase of a cable bus system is very essential as it determines the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system. Insulation conductors … Read more

How Does Cable Bus Work And What Are Its Advantages?

A cable bus is an electrical power distribution system in high rise buildings as well as the power generation, mining, petrochemical, paper, heavy industrial and commercial industries. It is made up of insulated conductors that have been mounted in a ventilated metal housing designed with cable support blocks. The cable support blocks installed in the … Read more

How To Select the Right Cable Bus System

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A cable bus is a reliable wire management system that is made up of a ventilated metal casing, non-magnetic support blocks, and insulated power cables. Each component of the cable bus system serves its purpose in the entire structure. Cable bus systems transfer very high current and voltage between a load center and a power … Read more