Cable Bus Vs Bus Duct

Cable bus and bus duct share certain similarities in system weight, power consumption, medium voltage drop, and enclosure size. However, they also have their differences that make electrical engineers favor one system over the other. What is Cable Bus? A cable bus is an electrical system that is made up of a ventilated metal casing … Read more

What is HV and LV Power Distribution System?

Oil immersed transformer under short circuit withstanding test

An HV power distribution system simply means a high voltage distribution system while an LV is a low voltage or tension power distribution system. LV power supply can be around 230 Volts for a single-phase connection and 400 Volts for a three-phase connection. On the other hand, the HV distribution system can even reach 11Kilo-Volts, … Read more

What are the Basics of Electric Power Distribution System?

Electric Power Distribution System

Could you imagine living in 2022 without the conveniences that electric power bring to our lives? Technology aside, electric power is essential for transportation, communication, manufacturing, and production, heating, and cooling our homes. It also plays a key role in the production of the food we eat. However, have you ever taken time to ask … Read more

What is Power Distribution?

power conveyer

A transformer is made up of two cores with an electromagnetic field between them, each wrapped in copper wiring. The power travels through a core wrapped with several winds of copper wiring when entering the transformer and leaves through the other core that has fewer winds, resulting in less voltage. Although the concept of how … Read more