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Installation of… Integrated Walkways, Trench Systems and More…


We are your provider for cable bus, cable tray trench

Harbor Energy Solutions primary focus is high performance, high efficiency, and cost reduction.

Our recommended manufacturers provide unsurpassed cutting edge technology and reliability. These qualities coupled with our industry knowledge, analysis and customized solutions are how we exceed our customers expectations.

What exactly is Cable Bus?

Cable Bus is a power distribution system using multiple parallel conductors secured in a rigid enclosure. Superior Bus is a custom-engineered cable bus power distribution system, but with increased performance characteristics. Each conductor fully insulated and continuous from source to load in superior casing. Multiple parallel conductors braced in a rigid enclosure (Cable Tray) but due to the design and ingenuity, it is vastly more efficient and reliable than standard cable bus. Read More About Superior Bus

Our Cable Bus, Highbus, and Hollobus

Harbor Energy Solutions provides industry leading service to ensure your project flows smoothly and gives you and your customer a great experience. We offer products such as Superior CableBus, HighBus and HolloBus and other advanced power distribution systems and design solutions that reduce operating costs, increase safety, and improve product durability to replace legacy average industry systems with low standards, such as bus duct and standard cable tray systems.

Superior cable bus

Cable bus can be used in a wide range of utilities, industrial and municipal projects which require direct connection between a source and load.

Superior HighBus

Designed to meet the unique challenges of electrical distribution in high rises, the revolutionary HighBus is the latest iteration of the Superior Bus.


The latest patented design by STS, the system is intended to go higher up a building than anything else currently on the market.

Integrated walkway

Trench System

Support System