Integrated Walkway

Our engineers designed the integrated walkway to make it possible for a power feeder system to coexist with a maintenance walkway. During every aspect of planning and engineering, we work with your design team to merge a high traction aluminum decking with an enclosure for electrical, gas, steam, or water lines. These exclusive systems stack functions that result in an Integrated Walkway that perfectly meets your needs.

To save time and money, combine several electricity lines with a low-maintenance pathway.

A Combination To Efficiently Meet Two Objectives

The lightweight, modular system includes a decking component that serves as both a cable support and a structural support. This results in a structurally robust, cost-effective, and simple-to-install walkway.

Attractive and Low Maintenance

The all-aluminum construction will never rust and will never require painting. Transit lines are followed by the smooth radius. The integrated walkway is a low-maintenance system with an intended lifespan of 99 years.

System Safety

Any integrated walkway design must place a high focus on system safety. The tread grip grade of our anti-slip decking is 55 BPN. Thermal expansion joints and seismic bracing are included features and all of the systems are fully grounded and bonded.

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