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What is CableBus? Superior CableBus Explained.

What is Cablebus?

CableBus is a power distribution system using multiple parallel conductors braced in a rigid enclosure. A standard range of CableBus systems are available from 600 volts to 218,000 volts and up to 10,400 amps. However, CableBus systems are adaptable and can be conducted to suit a customer’s particular requirements CableBus can be used in a wide range of utilities, industrial and municipal projects which require a direct connection between a source and load.

Typical applications include: data centers, high risk construction, mining, industrial, wastewater treatment, backup generators, electrical substations, hospitals, and more.

What is a Superior CableBus.

SuperiorBus is a custom engineered CableBus power distribution system using multiple parallel conductors braced in a rigid enclosure. But due to the design and inginuity, it is vastly more efficient and reliable than standard CableBus. Each conductor is not only insulated and fully continuous from source to load, it is evenly spaced inside a wet dry rated cable tray for maximum current and durability. Standard SuperiorBus systems can carry 400 to 32,000 amps and beyond, with voltages from 208 volts to 218,000 volts. Systems can be designed for specific customer requirements. It is fully certified and easy to install, Superior CableBus can be any ampacity requirements for any situation.

As long as a cable at a voltage rating specified by a customer can be found, or made a CableBus system can be designed to suit their specific needs. They are,

Cost Friendly –
Less copper due to the free air rating of equipment, and also savings on materials and installation.

Reliable –
Due to having continuous runs of cable, faulty splices are prevented as well as wet dry rated.

Flexible –
As there might be some unforeseen obstructions during installation CableBus accommodations field adjustments.

A CableBus is also designed to withstand the harshest environment – since the enclosure is ventilated and actually runs more effectively when wet and is not affected by water. For more answers and solutions to your power supply challenges.

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