HighBus is cable bus power distribution specifically designed for high rise construction

Superior HighBus

Designed to meet the unique challenges of electrical distribution in high rises, the revolutionary HighBus is the latest iteration of the SuperiorBus. HighBus is a custom-engineered, modular cable bus power distribution system designed for use in high rise apartment and office buildings.

This innovative system is durable, intrinsically safe and reliable. It is also more cost-efficient than electrical distribution systems currently on the market.

HighBus includes terminations pre-configured for connection to the splitter system. Watertight seals, water dams, and integrated fire stops are all pre-assembled to reduce installation time.

Durability and High Efficiency

Fully customized power distribution helps you beat the unexpected!

HighBus is fully customized to suit individual customer requirements. It is configured to building requirements, with customized lengths for specific floor heights. Systems are designed to carry 2500A or 4000A per phase with a voltage of 600V for residential buildings.

This modular cable bus system is designed, manufactured and assembled in our production facility and the complete system is shipped in modular pieces for easy installation.

Cost Efficient


This modular cable bus system eliminates replacement costs of water damaged electrical systems during installation and service life. Ease of installation reduces upfront labor costs, while a robust design reduces maintenance requirements.

HighBus Incredible Value Explained

HighBus is designed to be an efficient cost effective distribution system for high rise applications: tenant power, mechanical power, and commercial power. The system, modular in nature, has typically a much smaller footprint, and can be installed in a smaller space. The water proof floor flange water dam endures up to 12” of water. The system comes with environmental seals, and 2- hour fire stops. HIGHBUS is a wet-dry rated system that eliminates replacement costs of water damaged electrical systems during installation and service life; it has a minimum installation time. Therefore, it is the only system on the market, currently, that can be used as provisional power supply during the construction and permanent power supply afterwards. It is seismically proof, due to its flexible nature. It has pre-configured terminations for direct connection to splitter system with standard set for up to six draws. HIGHBUS is a balanced system with verified phase arrangement.

By changing the arrangement of the cables in HIGHBUS, we have reduced the inductance and improved VOLTAGE DROP –the biggest problem in high-rises – by up to 50%. The skin effect in round cables and so-called weaving conductors together, lead to higher virtual diameter of phases, and eventually the impedance of the system steps down.

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