What is the Durability of a HighBus?

A HighBus is a modular power distribution system that is designed to be used in areas requiring high power such as apartments and office buildings. HighBus systems are designed to meet different challenges of electrical distribution in large buildings. Due to this, high bus systems have to be durable, reliable, and safe. This article gives information regarding the durability of a HighBus.

Factors Affecting Durability of a HighBus

Both operational and environmental conditions can affect the longevity of a HighBus cable bus system. The sheathing and insulation may degrade over time when exposed to light, heat, chemicals, or even mechanical action. A HighBus passes current, which may generate heat.

Since the more current equals more heat, a HighBus may be at risk of degrading and becoming faulty if it is not perfectly suited with insulation and sheathing materials. Such a situation can be quite dangerous and cause issues if not handled early.

How Long Should a HighBus Last?

The standards that busbars are manufactured do not specifically state a particular life expectancy. However, this can be estimated based on the quality of the HighBus and the conditions in which it is used. In fact, a manufacturer uses these elements to estimate the life of a HighBus. For instance, a normal HighBus not handling so much electrical load could be expected to last about 30 years while one that is used a lot can last up to 10 years.

Advantages of Installing Durable HighBus?

Having a durable HighBus means that you will have a power system that performs exceptionally well in different conditions ranging from high humidity, high temperature, and exposure to UV light. A quality HighBus is custom engineered to work under any climate and almost anywhere. Here are more benefits of a durable high bus.

A durable high bus is cost-effective because you do not have to do regular expensive maintenance on it. You will thus be able to save a lot on maintenance costs. Another advantage is that quality HighBus will be energy efficient, which will also mean a lot when it comes to calculating overall power costs.

In addition to this, its conductor connections use two bolts per cable and each section has a firestop at the floor penetration area. These attributes ensure you have a very durable system that can withstand almost any conditions.

Reasons to Choose HighBus Over Other Systems

As seen, a HighBus system is quite durable, reliable, and cost-effective. It comes fully equipped with the ability to be used in heavy-duty construction projects. Its conductors are fully insulated from all ends, making it immune to any elements exposed to it. In addition to this, it offers great safety, as the cables are well braced and contained in case of a fault. The HighBus can be used for standby power without the need for a flashover at startup.

Apart from these advantages, a HighBus system is more affordable compared to conventional bus ducts or cable tray systems. It also has lesser conductors that need to be installed, low replacement costs, it is easier to install, and requires fewer structural supports. It also comes with terminations that are configured by the manufacturer for connection to the system. This helps reduce the time needed for installation. When the installation is easy, it means that labor costs are cut down and little maintenance is needed, meaning a reduction in repair costs too.

Furthermore, HighBus is made to withstand any challenges in the electrical distribution field, especially in high rises. It comes as an upgrade to the SuperiorBus and this explains why it is better than other distribution systems.

A HighBus system can also be customized to meet your specific needs. It can be made according to building requirements with custom measurements for different floor heights. A HighBus system is made to carry 2500A or 4000A per phase. This comes with a voltage of 600V, especially for residential houses.

A HighBus is made to be used in areas requiring high power levels like apartments and office buildings. It is thus important to get install a quality HighBus system that is going to serve your high rise building well enough. A good system will be durable, meaning it will last long. With this in mind, it can be concluded that a good power system will not cost you a lot of money in terms of repairs and maintenance. Therefore, if you are looking for a good power system, then HighBus is a great option to consider.

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