The Best Way to Maintain an Electrical System

A majority of home fires are caused by unexpected electrical occurrences like faulty appliances and malfunctioning electrical systems. As a result, this causes losses amounting to billions of dollars each year while at the same time precious lives are lost. As your house ages with time, your electrical system is also going to take a beating by age and will malfunction at some point in time. This, therefore, means that no matter how good your electrical system is, it will be prone to issues and will thus need some maintenance; otherwise, fire accidents will be imminent. This article gives a few tips on how you can maintain a healthy operation of your electrical system.

  • Document Everything

Documenting every activity conducted on the electrical system can help maintain it. This is because your current electrician will look at the records, study them, and using the current diagnosis, they can already determine what the underlying issue is. As you take the records, ensure to keep them safe, away from any tampering. Also, make copies of the records and keep the originals as far away from the reach of children as possible. This ensures that even if the copies were defaced, you will still have the originals safe and you can always make copies of them.

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  • Test Your Breakers

The fact that most manufacturers test the breakers when making the electrical systems does not mean that you should take their word for it. After you have or when buying the system, ensure to test the breakers to make sure that they are working properly. It is the only way to ensure that in case of an overload, the system is safe from burning, made possible by the breakers.

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  • Keep it Clean

Water, dust, grease, pollen, temperature extremes, and high humidity can all affect the normal functioning of an electrical system. With this in mind, the system should be kept in a clean safe, away from reach of children and dry as much as possible. If kept within the reach of children, they might apply dirt all over, something that will manifest itself in the malfunctioning of the system. It should also be kept in a hard and closed heat and waterproof box. This will keep it safe from any tampering by kids, water, and dust and will prevent it from heat extremes. Even as you do that, set a routine cleaning of the system to keep it going.

  • Conduct Thermographic Inspection

The most effective and powerful ways of checking for the condition of your electrical system is by using a thermographic device. The device relies on an infrared camera to display a color image of the heat sources in single color shade. This method gives you the image of the electrical system even without you having to open it, which can help you detect underlying issues like loose wires and short circuits.

  • Buy Quality Electrical Items

Faulty electrical items such as bulbs, switches, substandard wires, inexpensive wires, and breakers all lead to electrical failures. Most electrical-related fires are as a result of inexpensive appliances and items. Most cheap products are untested and as thus not approved for safety. Normalize buying quality electrical appliances from appointed dealers only. This is because such items are tested and approved for safety domestic. After all, they guarantee you the peace of mind that you and your family are safe from electrical accidents.

  • Maintain Everything

Before you look further, ensure to check the condition of every electrical item in your house. When doing the wiring in your house, ensure that the wires are tightly screwed and are of the right quality. Also, ensure that all appliances are of the right wattage because the wrong one will only cause electrical failures. You should also ensure that the plugs are tightly screwed otherwise there will be short circuits. Also, avoid overloading the outlets with higher wattage appliances to avoid short circuits.

The most important way of maintaining your electrical system is by not doing the repairs and maintenance yourself. Electricity is a dangerous thing and should never be tried or done by anyone who does not have a background in electrical works. This is work that should be left to the professionals only. It will also keep you safe from the risks of electrocution, which could even kill you. Also, ensure to buy a quality electrical system so that you can minimize the need for repairs and maintenance. A substandard electrical system is a reason you need it repaired in the first place.