Harbor Energy Solutions and Superior Tray Systems at NECA Show 2023!

Harbor Energy Solutions is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming NECA Show (National Electrical Contractors Association) 2023, taking place from Saturday, September 30th to Monday, October 2nd in Philadelphia. Join us at booth number 854 to experience the future of electrical solutions firsthand!

About NECA Show 2023: Lighting Up the Future of Electrical Construction

The NECA Show serves as the ultimate platform where the leaders of the $202 billion electrical construction industry come together annually to discuss the ever-evolving business landscape. At this paramount event, attendees ignite power, light, and cutting-edge communication technology within buildings and communities across the United States.

Organized by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), the show opens doors for the entire industry, inviting everyone to explore, engage, and embrace novel solutions that promise to elevate their bottom lines. Your success, our success – let’s come together and shape the future of electrical construction.

Harbor Energy Solutions: Your Premier Partner for Quality Electrical Solutions

Harbor Energy Solutions LLC proudly represents Superior Tray Systems products across the United States territory. Our mission is to serve the electrical industry by delivering exceptional products from top-tier electrical manufacturers to our esteemed customers.

Professional Services for Seamless Projects

At Harbor Energy Solutions, we provide unparalleled services to ensure your projects unfold seamlessly, offering you and your clients an exceptional experience. Collaborating closely with our manufacturers, we guarantee that the products designed for your projects not only meet but surpass your requirements while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Why Choose Harbor Energy Solutions?

What sets Harbor Energy Solutions apart is our unwavering passion for the products we represent, coupled with years of electrical project management, design, layout, and installation expertise. This unique blend empowers us with unparalleled insights into the key ingredients of a successful project.

Our distinct advantage lies in our exclusive partnership with Superior Tray Systems Inc. (STS), a prominent technology-driven engineering and manufacturing enterprise in the electrical distribution sector. This strategic alliance harmonizes STS’s technological prowess with our extensive experience, creating an unbeatable team dedicated to your success. Situated in Delta, British Columbia, STS was established in 1996 as a custom metal and machining workshop.

Expanding into cable management and power feeder distribution systems in 2004, STS has revolutionized cable bus engineering and manufacturing. With a focus on innovation, STS continually refines its product line for the 21st century. The company boasts a state-of-the-art facility equipped with CNC machinery, automated production lines, robotics, and a highly skilled technical workforce.

STS transforms blueprints, sketches, or even concepts into impeccable products. From comprehensive packages like SuperiorBus, HIGHBUS, and HOLLOBUS to cable tray systems, E-house/Kiosk solutions, trenches, and custom enclosures, Harbor Energy Solutions and STS accompany you every step of the way, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Empowering Solutions for Diverse Industries

Manufactured to the highest standards, STS products possess multiple CSA, UL, and NOM certifications, including the only available CSA/UL certified ventilated cable bus/cable tray enclosure. With ISO 9001 certification, STS sets the benchmark for quality and excellence.

Our products transcend industries, serving mining, oil and gas, naval, hospital, data center, transport (MRT), university, skyscraper, wastewater treatment plant, and dam sectors. Offering a minimal footprint, our solutions boast cost savings of 20-30% compared to alternative offerings in the market.

Discover Our Flagship Products: SuperiorBus, HIGHBUS, HOLLOBUS

At the heart of our offerings lie the transformative SuperiorBus, HIGHBUS, and HOLLOBUS systems. These comprehensive packages include complete system designs, encompassing physical layouts, electrical calculations, and volt drop analyses.

For a detailed look at our certifications, please visit this link.

Join us at the NECA Show 2023, booth number 854, as we light up the path to innovation, efficiency, and success in electrical solutions. Your future begins here!

For more information, call 253-579-4473 or Contact Us and feel free to explore our website and connect with us on social media.

See you at NECA Show 2023! Together, we power progress. ⚡