Find Harbor Energy Solutions at the 2022 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition

The IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance for energy experts to reconnect and explore a variety of ideas driving industry development. A comprehensive technical program underpinned by IEEE’s prestigious standards, together with the most comprehensive presentation of breakthrough T&D solutions, will equips industry professionals to meet current and future challenges in power distribution. This interactive experience allows the power community to work together to supply a dependable and resilient energy grid to individuals, businesses, and communities all around the world.

Harbor Energy Solutions and Superior Tray Systems, Inc. will be located at booth #3721.

Superior Tray Systems Inc. is a company that creates specialized cable bus systems. Since 1996, STS has been at the forefront of the power distribution sector ever since with our cutting-edge technologies. To discover creative and cost-effective solutions to your most complex power distribution difficulties, our team of professional engineers and fabricators uses continual product innovation, manufacturing process optimization, and enhanced quality control systems. We can finish challenging projects in record time because to our exclusive designs and flawless production flow.

Find our booth on the left side, bottom row of the floorplan.

The IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition is sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society, which is the world’s largest platform for disseminating the newest technological breakthroughs in the electric power industry.

The IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition is more than just a trade event; it’s designed to help the power and energy industry prepare for the future and unlock the future grid.

Energy professionals attend to have important discussions that influence the future design and development of a reliable, resilient grid. Together we will chart the energy grid of the future thanks to unrivaled technical education and the largest showcase of next-generation energy solutions.

Leverage the Technical Program

This year’s Technical Program will feature an unparalleled combination of over 100 technical sessions covering the hottest subjects in our industry, ranging from cyber security to renewable energies and storage to integrating DERs and advanced grid controls. Join energy industry executives, engineers, and thought leaders for an exciting lineup of Super Sessions, Panel Sessions, and Tutorials exclusively available at T&D. Attending Technical Sessions can earn you Professional Development Hours (PDH), and Tutorials, Plain Talk, and Building Business Relationships courses can earn you Continuing Education Units (CEU). The conference will include information on how to obtain these certificates. Learn more about each session by downloading the pre-show planner.

Join us in New Orleans to learn how new methods to grid modernization and management can assure grid resilience for individuals, businesses, and communities.

IEEE PES T&D is the world’s largest venue for exchanging information on the most recent technology advances in the electric power industry! IEEE PES T&D enables the power community to work together to achieve the common goal of supplying reliable energy around the world!

See what’s in store for New Orleans in 2022, including the full technical program, a list of participating exhibitors, and special attractions like the new Smart Cities Pavilion and Innovation Stages.

In 2022, the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition announced the inclusion of the new Smart Cities Pavilion. This specialized pavilion on the exhibit floor, created in collaboration with IEEE Smart Cities, will feature a variety of talks and case study exhibits demonstrating the effective teamwork required to make smarter cities a reality. Thousands of delegates from all over the world will be exposed to the latest in new technology and real-life applications aimed at promoting business and connecting them with best practices in urban planning and innovation.

The Smart Cities Pavilion will serve as a platform for public business managers, directors, urban administrators, and international authorities in charge of urban policy development to offer their services in the development of smart cities. Participants will be able to discuss their thoughts, experiences, and innovative methods to:

  • Smart Cities and Buildings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Smart Mobility and Public Safety

IEEE PES T&D is where to find a wide range of new solutions that can help you achieve the goal of a dependable, safe, and cheap energy grid. The Innovation Stage, conveniently positioned on the show floor, offers a unique forum for showcasing cutting-edge innovations and discussing practical product applications. Presenters will share case studies that provide insights into emerging trends and essential best practices while on stage.

With dynamic programming, IEEE PES T&D attracts key decision-makers in the world of transmission and distribution. Harbor Energy Solutions will be there with Superior Tray Systems to present goods and services while doing business. The event in 2022 , after a four-year hiatus, presents the opportunity to reconnect with the whole T&D community to exchange new ideas and solutions, as well as form lasting bonds.

Find us at booth #3721 where we will show off our wares, educate customers about rising energy trends, forge lasting partnerships, and get to know potential customers and collaborators. Come have a conversation with us, we look forward to meeting you.