Why Should a Commercial Building Have a Backup Generator?

Unlike in residential places where electricity blackouts may not lead to many losses even after some days, a minute of electricity blackouts in commercial buildings could have massive adverse effects. Commercial buildings have a wide range of businesses including essential services like medical care, food production, data processing, and storage, among many others. These businesses cannot run without a continuous and adequate source of electric power. This is where a backup generator comes in: to provide electric power during the ever-rising cases of blackouts. If you are still asking yourself whether to install a backup generator, this article gives reasons you should consider getting one soon.

  • Continuity of Business Operations

With the advance in technology, most businesses have gone digital in almost all operations. Inventories and sales and after-sale information is now stored in computer records. In addition, some businesses like branding, manufacturing, and medical care all rely on electricity to run different pieces of machinery like life support, internal phone lines, and lifts. With a backup generator providing a constant supply of electricity, smooth business operations are maintained and this works by boosting sales for an increased ROI. Besides, no one would want to take their business in premises where there are rampant disruptions in electric power supply.

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  • Maintains a Good Reputation

Try to imagine being in the middle of serving a customer, tending to a patient, or presenting or making a business PowerPoint presentation then, boom! Electricity goes out. You would not only be disappointed and embarrassed but you may even lose that business deal you had been chasing for months. The worst-case scenario is when your already disappointed business associates take the stairs from the 50th floor just because there is no electricity to run the lifts. If such a thing happens, your business partners, sponsors, or associates would not take you seriously. However, with a backup generator restoring electricity immediately after a blackout, people will appreciate your efforts and improve your bard reputation and consequently higher returns.

  • It Protects Your Inventory

Blood and sperm banks need a constant power supply, groceries need refrigeration to keep them fresh, and a hospital has machinery that relies on electricity to run. Such specialized storage facilities cannot run without electricity otherwise your entire inventory goes to waste and you end up incurring massive losses. With a backup generator to provide an alternative source of power during a blackout, your inventory is protected and losses are avoided.

  • All Year Occupancy

Entrepreneurs always go for premises with favorable conditions for their businesses. If a prospecting business suspects or learns your commercial building does not have a backup generator, they will shy away from moving their businesses into your building. This would mean lower returns for the amount you invested in constructing the building. However, with a backup generator, investors are assured of the smooth running of their business and they will stick to the building. This would mean all year occupancy for your building, thus higher ROI.

  • Security for the Business

The best and most valuable gift a landlord can give to their business tenants is the security of their business. They have invested so much and taken them years of hard work to build their businesses and will do anything to protect them. Without constant electricity supply guaranteed by a backup generator, security guards will have a hard time manning the premises and even the CCTVs will not be operational. This means that the security of the businesses inside your commercial building will be at stake and investors will in masses. When this happens, you, as the landlord, stand to lose in terms of ROI.

  • Prevention of Data Loss and Equipment Damage

Almost certainly, at least one component of your business is dependent on electronic information. Numerous organizations experience both equipment and programming harm because of electric blackouts. A portion of these gadgets holds data that is central to the business. It could be either client data or significant hierarchical records. In any case, the loss of this data could negatively affect your business. In case your business needs hardware to work 24 hours per day, it is imperative to have a commercial backup generator introduced. You have to guarantee that your electronic information and equipment are secure.

Having now fully understood the need for a backup generator for your commercial building, ensure to buy a quality generator. Make sure you are buying from a licensed and highly qualified backup generator manufacturer. You cannot gamble with such a huge investment. Also, do not forget to schedule the maintenance of your backup generator at least thrice a year.

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