How Much Voltage Drop Can a Busbar Withstand?

Busbars are used in electrical power distribution systems and their main function is to ensure that the current does not exceed the normal operating range of equipment. The quality of a busbar depends on its cross-section area, material type, design and if it is air-cooled or water-cooled. Voltage drop refers to the difference between what … Read more

Is Tray Cable Plenum Rated?

tray cable plenum

Tray cables are a type of multi-conductor cables used in industrial environments and suited for both power and signal transmission. The cables are usually installed via conduits, ducts, wire trays, and even direct burial usage. Tray cables are installed in buildings and should be plenum rated, which means they comply with smoke and flammability specifications … Read more

What is a Cable Tray? Define Their Types

cable tray

A cable tray is used in the electrical wiring of buildings to support insulated cables, which are mainly used for power distribution. Cable trays offer a great alternative to electrical conduit or open wiring systems and are usually used for cable management in commercial and industrial buildings.

How to Perform Load Flow Analysis for Radial Distribution Systems?

Radial Distribution System

Load flow analysis is a complex procedure because it involves hundreds of buses and different distribution systems, leading to complex calculations. Load flow analysis is a process that mainly entails evaluating voltage phases and magnitudes at every node then using the results to compute the voltage or current at every branch plus the total power … Read more

Why is Busbar Preferred Over Cable?

busbar setup

Busbars allow for power distribution by implementing aluminum or copper conductors to distribute power around a building. A busbar was developed as an alternative to conventional power distribution techniques and help resolve any issues brought about by using cable for power distribution. Busbars are a tried and tested mechanism for power distribution in buildings, especially … Read more

How Does Cable Tray Installation Work?

cable bus

Factors to Consider When Installing a Cable Tray System Before installing a cable tray system, you need to consider a variety of factors to ensure everything works according to plan. Inspection The first thing you need to do is inspect all trays and accessories that you receive on-site. The equipment should be handled and stored … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Busbar and a Feeder

busbar vs feeder

In electrical power distribution, it is important for you to learn about two important things – busbars and feeders. A busbar can be explained to be a metallic bar or strip, usually made of aluminum or copper, which conducts electricity within a substation, distribution board, battery bank, or any other kind of electrical equipment. A … Read more

What is the Durability of a HighBus?

A HighBus is a modular power distribution system that is designed to be used in areas requiring high power such as apartments and office buildings. HighBus systems are designed to meet different challenges of electrical distribution in large buildings. Due to this, high bus systems have to be durable, reliable, and safe. This article gives … Read more